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A dental bridge is a device designed to replace a single tooth or a group of teeth. Bridges rely on the support of nearby teeth. They help the natural teeth by filling gaps and maintaining proper teeth positioning. Dr. Lloyd Pragasam at Pragasam Family Dentistry in Redlands, California is happy to create custom bridges to help his patients achieve full smiles. To discuss how Dr. Pragasam can help you or to schedule an appointment, call the office or book your appointment online.

Dental Bridge Q & A

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What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a replacement tooth or group of replacement teeth. In a dental bridge, the prosthetic tooth is fused to support teeth on either side of it. The prosthetic tooth then forms a bridge between the natural teeth, allowing for improved appearance and functionality. The bridge includes both a prosthetic tooth or teeth and crowns for the teeth on either side.

Dental bridges are made from a variety of different materials, including:

  • Porcelain
  • Gold
  • Gold alloys
  • Base metals

Replacement teeth that are made from base metals are typically covered with a porcelain crown, which allows them to look like a natural tooth.

Why are dental bridges needed?

Dental bridges can significantly improve the appearance of your smile, so many patients want them purely for the cosmetic improvement. However, dental bridges serve an even greater purpose in terms of functionality.

When there are open spaces in your mouth due to missing teeth, the existing teeth will often begin to shift into those open spaces. This can result in gum disease, decay, and damaged teeth roots. If there are existing issues with your bite, a dental bridge may be able to help correct it.

What is the dental bridge process?

It usually takes at least two appointments to complete the dental bridge process. At the first appointment, Dr. Pragasam will administer anesthesia to keep your comfortable while he prepares your mouth for the bridge. This involves cleaning and clearing out the area for the prosthetic tooth and creating a mold of the area. After this, you'll receive a temporary bridge to wear until your custom bridge has been fabricated.

When the custom bridge is ready, you'll return to Pragasam Family Dentistry to have it installed. After checking for ideal fit, Dr. Pragasam will use dental cement to permanently place the bridge.

How long do dental bridges last?

If you care for your dental bridge properly -- namely, careful daily brushing and flossing -- you can usually expect it to last for at least a decade. Dr. Pragasam will check on your dental bridge at each dental appointment to make sure it's secure and in good shape.