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When teeth are cracked, chipped, severely discolored, or have other types of obvious surface damage, veneers may be the best solution. Veneers are custom made to completely cover and conceal the damage, allowing the tooth to look just as it did before the damage occurred. Veneers are made from ultra-thin pieces of porcelain or porcelain composite and match the natural teeth around them. Dr. Lloyd Pragasam at Pragasam Family Dentistry in Redlands, California can create custom veneers that allow for a full and beautiful smile again. Call the office or use our online scheduling tool to book your appointment today.

Veneers Q & A

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What are veneers?

Veneers are extremely thin ceramic or porcelain shells that are used to conceal damage to the tooth structure. Veneers are often used to cover cracks, chips, and other types of dental issues. Though veneers are mainly used as a cosmetic improvement, they can also lend additional strength to the teeth.

When are veneers needed?

Veneers may be needed in a variety of situations. These may include:

  • When teeth have chips
  • When teeth are cracked
  • When teeth are broken
  • When teeth are heavily stained and teeth whitening isn't effective
  • When teeth are mildly misaligned
  • When there are small gaps between the front teeth

What is the process involved in getting veneers?

The dental veneer process usually requires two to three visits to Pragasam Family Dentistry. During the initial visit, Dr. Pragasam will talk about your appearance goals and will discuss what you can expect in terms of veneer shape and look.

During the second visit, Dr. Pragasam will prepare your tooth for the veneer by carefully removing a small amount of enamel. This will allow the new veneer to sit evenly with the other natural teeth around it. With the tooth prepared, Dr. Pragasam will make a mold of your tooth. This impression is sent to a dental lab so the new veneer can be fabricated. It takes 10-14 days for fabrication of the veneer.

Once the new veneer is ready, you'll return to have the veneer put in place. Dr. Pragasam will apply the veneer using a strong dental cement. After that, your new veneer will be beautiful and functional for years, if treated properly.

How can you take care of your new veneers?

Veneers require regular care, just as your natural teeth do. Brush your teeth with a soft bristle toothbrush, as hard bristles could scratch the ceramic or porcelain of the veneer. When flossing your teeth, use extra caution around the veneer. Avoid using any rough motions as you move the floss around the veneer, as this could potentially pull it free from the tooth. In general, you need only to treat your veneers with the same care that you treat your natural teeth, and they'll be in good shape for years.